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Genomics menyediakan produk-produk yang berkaitan dengan struktur, fungsi, evolusi, dan pemetaan genom dari cabang biologi molekuler.


Roche is the world's largest biotechnology company, which has advanced treatment in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, and disesases of the eye and nervous system. Roche is also the leading company for in-vitro diagnostics, tissue-based cancer diagnosis, and a pioneer in diabetes management.



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Kapa Biosystems offers best-in-class enzyme solutions for PCR, Real-Time PCR, and Next-Generation Sequencing.


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Macherey Nagel

Bioanalysis DNA, RNA, and protein purification.


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Magbio Genomics focuses on the magnetic bead-based products for NGS library prep cleanup, PCR products cleanup, Sanger sequencing reaction cleanup as well as genomic DNA and RNA purification kits. The protocol can be adapted to your current liquid handling workstation (e.g. Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Perkin Elmer, Agilent and Eppendorf) utilizing your curent protocol. Clean up of sequencing product for both ABI and MegaBACE platforms.


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More than 10 years of expertise in sample preparation and homogenization.

Dedicated to the highly demanding markets of forensic science, pharmaceutical R&D and even environmental or cosmetic analysis, the Precellys equipment range has won widespread global recognition from the scientific community as hard-wearing, efficient and ergonomic tools. To date, more than 750 official publications contain references to Precellys equipment.


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Blue-Ray Biotech aims to provide global biotechnology researchers with innovative and reliable products to further accelerate the development of biotechnology. We have devoted ourselves to developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge equipment that can be widely adopted.


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Genesig is the flagship product range from Primer design Ltd. Genesig is our range of qPCRkits for a wide range of purposes. With more than 400 parameters of qPCR analysis. Human Pathogen Detection : qPCR test kits for HCV, HIV, Dengue, Ebola, Malaria, Zika and many more infectious diseases.


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Primer Design

The best custom qPCR assay development service in the World. Primer design is a privately held limited company focused on the design, manufacture, validation and supply of customized real-time PCR kits and reagents. Custom designed real-time PCR assays Other species, Custom Reverse transcriptation kit products, Custom designed real-time PCR genotyping assays.



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