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Diagnostics menyediakan produk untuk identifikasi sifat-sifat penyakit pada suatu kondisi atau membedakan suatu penyakit dengan kondisi dari yang lainnya. Penilaian dapat dilakukan melalui pemeriksaan fisik, tes laboratorium, atau sejenisnya, dan dapat dibantu oleh program komputer yang dirancang untuk memperbaiki proses pengambilan keputusan.


Rovers Medical Devices develops and manufactures cell sampling devices for cancer screening. The company was founded in 1982. Our main product line is Rovers® Cell Sampling Devices based on our "thin-hair technology". Cell material collected with our sampling devices can be processed with conventional as well as liquid based cytology(LBC) and also be used for bacteriological testing, virus testing (e.g. for Sexually Transmitted Diseases or HPV) and DNA analysis. Ten years ago we started with the R&D of self collection for hrHPV testing. This resulted in 2 self sampling devices: The Rovers® Evalyn® Brush and the Rovers® Viba-Brush.


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Resolution Biomedical

Resolution Biomedical was established in 2009 to improve access to high-quality liquid-based cytology around the world by introducing ClearPrep next generation liquid-based cytology. ClearPrep is reliable, affordable and produces superior results.


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Diassay BV is a small hi-tech biotech-company that is experienced in the development of assays for several techniques.

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Triangle Biomedical Science

Founded in 1984 in Durham, NC, Triangle Biomedical Sciences, Inc. has grown from producing disposable microtome blades and blade holders to providing one of the most comprehensive lines of innovative histology equipment, apparatus, reagents and supplies in the industry. TBS continues to be headquartered in Durham, and serves the histology lab market with products that are uniquely designed to maximize performance and productivity. Triangle Biomedical Sciences is a leading manufacturer and supplier of instrumentation, reagents and consumables for the clinical and research pathology marketplace.


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Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI) is the leading provider of microscope based micromanipulation solutions for the life sciences, material sciences, and healthcare. We specialize in single cell handling, laser microdissection and optical tweezers for a wide range of clinical and research based applications. MMI is a high value partner for our customers providing worldwide unique competence in micromanipulation and single cell handling.Founded in 1998 by Prof. Dr. Stefan Seeger in Heidelberg, Germany, MMI moved in 2001 to Eching, Germany. Since then, MMI emerged into the global market and today has established a broad instruments base all over the world

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Excilone is committed to propose to its customers innovative products and a know-how acquired on an unique experience of more than 15 years of his different employees. We propose you solutions of automation for the preparation of samples for cytogenetics, but also solutions of imaging. The automation in this domain does not answer necessarily the management of a significant number of samples to be handled, but especially in the standardization of the latter and in their traceability. Today the initiatives of accreditation and standardization request a perfect controlled process of all the steps.


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RIA and ELISA: The In Vitro Diagnostics department produces a wide range of sensitive and reliable immunoassays in RIA and ELISA and is committed to answering customer needs and providing a regular high quality products.


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RIA and ELISA: Our company Labor Diagnostika Nord (LDN) is a medium sized company that has specialized in the development, production and marketing of immunoassays for in-vitro diagnostics, biomedical research and food control. Currently about 200 different products based on ELISA, RIA, Lateral Flow and colorimetric technology are produced.


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Estigen OÜ manufactures cutting-edge biomedical research equipment. Recently, Estigen added tissue microarray equipment developed by Beecher Instruments to its product lineup.

Manual and automated tissue microarray instruments and accessories are available to match customer needs in various application areas.


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Seegene tirelessly pursues innovation and takes on new challenges to build a better future for humanity.

With the development of proprietary high multiplex real-time PCR technologies, Seegene has produced and delivered molecular diagnostics (MDx) products capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously. Seegene’s products identify and provide a wide range of clinical information integral to diagnosis and care, enabling healthcare professionals to select the best treatment in the early stages of disease.

Also, by opening a new paradigm of diagnostics in medicine/healthcare, Seegene is playing a vital role in safeguarding humanity from diseases and allowing individuals to lead a healthy life.


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PANAGENE have been supplying Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) worldwide and exclusively since 2006 based on our unique invention of efficient synthesis of PNA with high purity, and nowadays we are possessing the best knowledge on PNA and the largest number of patents on the PNA and its applications in the world.


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HTI Diagnostics is the manufacturing division of High Technology, Inc. We are a USA manufacturer of IVD reagents and laboratory instruments.

Our focus is to offer turnkey solutions for clinical diagnostic laboratories, providing international medical organizations with the world’s most effective and affordable medical equipment, reagents and consumables.


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